Michelle (chess) wrote,

This is for http://scifi-fic-swap.dreamwidth.org/ - signups open until 10th April!

In general:

I don't have any particular squicks or triggers (yes, really). I'm not so keen on AU stuff (point-of-divergence AUs are great, everyone-works-in-a-coffee-shop not so much) or total fluffy no-problems curtainfic. I think that's about it?

These are mostly copied and pasted from the other details section, but here in case you want everything in one place:


Relationship: Inara / River

I just want to see Inara trying to draw River out, and what happens next. Or maybe River is drawn to her because she respects her enough _not_ to try and draw her out? Wherever you want to go - I am equally fine with friendship!gen and with teh sexings, or with it all going horribly wrong for that matter. If you have no idea what to write, have River hiding in Inara's shuttle from something bad going down on the rest of the ship, and what they do while they wait / have them save the day together?

Star Trek - Deep Space Nine:

Relationship: Odo / Quark

...really I just want to know what you were thinking of when you offered this :-) I'm guessing you already have to have some kind of headcanon to have offered this relationship, right? If not - if you just offered 'any' and are now regretting your life choices :-) - I am totally down with Aliens Make Them Do It - or, with more possibilities on the other end of the rating scale and less awkward undertones, what if Quark had been trapped in that elevator with Odo instead of Lwaxana?

Star Trek - The Original Series:

Relationship: Spock / T'Pring

Mostly I am just very fond of Weird Vulcan Stuff. Write me something with Mysterious Vulcan Stuff in and it will be great :-). If you're stuck for ideas - what if T'Pring had wanted Spock, and insisted he leave Starfleet for her? Or some kind of reconciliation between them in the future?

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