Michelle (chess) wrote,

This is for http://purimgifts.tumblr.com/ - signups are open until the 17th!

In general:

I don't have any particular squicks or triggers (yes, really). I'm not so keen on AU stuff (point-of-divergence AUs are great, everyone-works-in-a-coffee-shop not so much) or total fluffy no-problems curtainfic. I think that's about it?

My AO3 name is Kastaka - which might not be obvious :)

The Culture - Iain M. Banks:

Literally anything in this universe is excellent, but if you're looking for starting points: The Culture is generally portrayed as post-religion, but what would some corner of it reviving / keeping alive some Jewish festival, possibly mostly from a cultural perspective - and possibly with some hilarious misconceptions, look like? Initial Contact survey of some interesting local culture, possibly riffing off another fandom? Ordinary Culture citizens discussing any of the events of the books, skewed through whatever news feeds they prefer?

The Avengers (Marvel Movies):

I am inordinately keen on Maria Hill in the field being the action hero, or to be honest anything where she's more than just background :-). If you'd rather make something about Natasha, her backstory is full of potential for interesting (and disturbing, if that's your thing) vignettes. Or if Pepper's more your style, I'm very interested in anything about how she deals with Extremis, or her kicking ass in her own right - or maybe an AU in which _she's_ the evil vizier...

Millennium Trilogy - Stieg Larsson:

There just isn't enough fanfic for this series full stop, so I will adore anything you put together :-). There are a huge range of well-drawn female characters to pick from, so don't take a lack of mention here for not wanting to see them. If you're after starting points, I have a serious case of 'what happens _next_' for just about everyone; Lisbeth, Erika and Monica actually getting to have a conversation between themselves would be ace; and Lisbeth and Miriam Wu could make some pretty pictures...

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